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Digi Coins, EuroForextrade, Preqster: Crypto Scam Network

I am writing this article to help anyone who has had the misfortune to be contacted by these fraudulent companies – Do not trust them for one minute, here’s why:

  1. The sales guys at Digi Coins (Brian and Zack) claim to have worked there for 3+ years, yet their domain at the time of writing this is less than 2 months old

You can checker here:

Digi Coins Scam

2. They clam to have 140,000 customers:

Digi Coins Fake Customers

However, for a website that is so new, it is impossible to have this many customers. They also say they phone all customers every day to tell them when to open/close trades, so with that many calls you would need a team of 100’s!

3. There is nothing online about them:

Digi coins SCAM Google Search

4. They have ZERO presence on social media – amazing for a company with 140,000 customers right!?

5. The contact details are fake:

The Digi Coins telephone number does not work: 0203 807 1837

The UK address 27 Market Place, W1W 8AF, London is a virtual one which is also associated with

On closer inspection of Euroforextrade, their domain age is brand new:

Euroforextrade scam

They do have a telephone number however: 0203 190 8755, which I called and the Asian guy who answered the phone was, let’s just say, less than professional.

When I asked if they were connected Digi Coins he sounded very surprised and of course denied it

Interestingly the address is also associated with this company, I have sent an email, but it bounced back and their telephone number goes through to a mailbox – this is very suspicious.

6. Connected telephone number & addresses 

This is where it gets really interesting….

The telephone number and address can also be found on another financial company website called  and it’s safe to say they are all connected in the same scam network so stay well clear

Preqster scam

7. Digi Coins claim to have won the below awards;

Digi Coins Scam Aawards

I have contacted Global Forex about the award and they replied with:

Digi Coins Scam Awards

8. Here’s the BIG one! Gigi Coins claim to be part of Maxiflex Ltd, so I contacted them directly and this is their response:

Dear Mr. Guy,
Thank you for your email.
Kindly note that Maxiflex Ltd is not in any way connected to Digi-Coin, we have never been connected to Digi-Coin, and we never had any intention of being connected to Digi-Coin or business alike. We do not have any information in relation to them.

The only approved domains of Maxiflex Ltd are:; (not operational yet); (not operational yet). You can find further details about the Company on our Regulator’s (CySEC’s) website:

We are aware of the fact that the website makes references to the Company’s details including its office address in Cyprus and the CySEC’s license number. Therefore, we have already taken legal actions and notified our Regulator as well as Cyprus Police.
We remain at your disposal if any further information and/or clarifications are required.

9. And finally the REAL proof they are SCAMMERS:

I stupidly trusted them and invested my own Bitcoin nest egg and despite many attempts at withdrawing the money, they have not done it

Bottom line:


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