Day Trading Experience

Day Trading Experience

Crypto Market Chain, Cryptos World, Digi Coins, EuroForextrade, Preqster: Crypto Scam Network

I am writing this article to help anyone who has had the misfortune to be contacted by these fraudulent companies – Do not trust them for one minute, here’s why: (Since writing this Digi Coins has not gone off line – however Cryptos World ( has taken it’s place – it has the EXACT same website template as Digi Coins – how do I know this? Because the dumbasses called me to try and scam me again!!! But guess what – this time I recorded the entire conversations.

You can now also add to this list – another link in the scam ‘chain’. They called me today and went through the same sales pitch, it’s all total rubbish – please do not fall for their scam.

Crypto Market Chain scam

They have the same bullshit award logos on their site, which are all fake and copied from their other sites, which I note are all now off-line.

Crypto Market Chain fake awards
As noted below, these are all fake awards - I have contacted each one and no one has ever heard of Crypto Market Chain

Also note that now Crypto Market Chain are displaying their company address (6th Floor, 14 Hanover Street, Hanover Square, London, W1S 1YH, as an image – this is so that it can’t be indexed by search engines – another HUGE clue that this company is a scam

Crypto Market Chain fake address

And finally – just try to use their contact form to send a message, they are so lazy they have not even bothered to set it up correctly

The easiest way to show you how dodgy this horrible group of scumbags are, is to create an account with them and then click ‘Web Trader’ in the top left – this ‘should’ show you LIVE trading that should be going up & down, however it doesn’t, it’s a static image that does not move!


The above screen shot from the Crypto World platform for US Dollar / Euro was taken on the 14th April 2021 at 15.45pm GMT. It says it’s trading at 0.8357

This is taken from the LIVE Fortrade platform:

As you can see it’s trading at a TOTALLY different rate – and the chart is live it moves up/down.

If you seriously need more convincing that this is just one dirty bunch of scum bags, well maybe you deserve to be scammed! However, read on….!

  1. The sales guys at Digi Coins (Brian and Zack) claim to have worked there for 3+ years, yet their domain at the time of writing this is less than 2 months old. You can checker here:
Digi Coins Scam

2. They clam to have 140,000 customers:

Digi Coins Fake Customers

However, for a website that is so new, it is impossible to have this many customers. They also say they phone all customers every day to tell them when to open/close trades, so with that many calls you would need a team of 100’s!

3. There is nothing online about them:

Digi coins SCAM Google Search

4. They have ZERO presence on social media – amazing for a company with 140,000 customers right!?

5. The contact details are fake:

The Digi Coins telephone number does not work: 0203 807 1837

The UK address 27 Market Place, W1W 8AF, London is a virtual one which is also associated with

On closer inspection of Euroforextrade, their domain age is brand new:

Euroforextrade scam

They do have a telephone number however: 0203 190 8755, which I called and the Asian guy who answered the phone was, let’s just say, less than professional.

When I asked if they were connected Digi Coins he sounded very surprised and of course denied it

Interestingly the address is also associated with this company, I have sent an email, but it bounced back and their telephone number goes through to a mailbox – this is very suspicious.

6. Connected telephone number & addresses 

This is where it gets really interesting….

The telephone number and address can also be found on another financial company website called  and it’s safe to say they are all connected in the same scam network so stay well clear

Preqster scam

7. Digi Coins claim to have won the below awards;

Digi Coins Scam Aawards

I have contacted Global Forex about the award and they replied with:

Digi Coins Scam Awards

8. Here’s the BIG one! Gigi Coins claim to be part of Maxiflex Ltd, so I contacted them directly and this is their response:

Dear Mr. Guy,
Thank you for your email.
Kindly note that Maxiflex Ltd is not in any way connected to Digi-Coin, we have never been connected to Digi-Coin, and we never had any intention of being connected to Digi-Coin or business alike. We do not have any information in relation to them.

The only approved domains of Maxiflex Ltd are:; (not operational yet); (not operational yet). You can find further details about the Company on our Regulator’s (CySEC’s) website:

We are aware of the fact that the website makes references to the Company’s details including its office address in Cyprus and the CySEC’s license number. Therefore, we have already taken legal actions and notified our Regulator as well as Cyprus Police.

We remain at your disposal if any further information and/or clarifications are required.

9. And finally the REAL proof they are SCAMMERS:

I stupidly trusted them and invested my own Bitcoin nest egg and despite many attempts at withdrawing the money, they have not done it

Bottom line:


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1 year ago

I am currently working with them now being very careful they kept asking me to transfer more cryptos in their account too many suspicious things in there they call me every day and treat well until now I tried to withdraw a very small amount of money they asked me why I am doing it and I said how quick it is happening then they allowed the transfer, then I transferred slightly bigger amount on their account now they are still consulting me let’s see what will happen when I try to withdraw the amount with all profits and everything.
And the last thing the cryptocurrency didn’t get any higher in any other platform but I still made about 30% profit on their system I don’t know how this happened, Maybe they are trying to show themselves they are consulting me in a good way but the coin I bought was at the same amount when I sold it I don’t know how the heck I earned that profit…
I will come back and tell you the steps of my story with the same fake name here.

1 year ago
Reply to  Admin

The amount I transferred to them was a bit higher but because of the change on BTC i couldn’t calculate that properly because I sent the amount about 6pm and got it in my wallet next day there but it was still big difference for that amount. I am also 99% sure this is scam but my money is already in and I just want to see how this is going to end. I will share the whole story over here step by step

1 year ago
Reply to  Admin

I was pretty sure that there was something dodgy going on, how come when a coin is going down they suggested me to buy I was still earning money? I have told them that I want to see how the transfer process works, how quick it is and things like that, transferred my money out of their system with all the fake benefits they provided me from their admin panel and they are not keep calling me. I personally can’t work with these guys anymore. Would clearly recommend to my friends “stay away”
Hope they wont be able to cheat anyone.

Saim Afzal
Saim Afzal
1 year ago

Hi pal

Did you manage to get your money back? as my 2.40 bitcoin are held by them they don’t reply to emails phone lines are dead I’ve got friend in Cyprus sent him to registered address no office only couple of big retailers dead ends

Saim Afzal
Saim Afzal
1 year ago
Reply to  Admin

I have filed it with action fraud . Let’s see they promised we can withdraw our money out end of this month seems like they closing the shop end of this month don’t we will find them again

Mr Bito
Mr Bito
1 year ago

Just to note they are also trading as all same details, address phone numbers etc and same scam, fell for this but got my moneys back plus so called profits so got off lightly 😛 I would avoid as you will end up losing money I got off lightly as managd to withdraw all funds on basis of i want to give you more money… they still phone and email as well…. just wrong. go with somewhere thats reputable!

Bob Johnston
Bob Johnston
1 year ago

I had been dealing with them ( guy called Brian) for the last couple of months. Building up a nice return for a minimum investment. He would ring me most days tell me what to by. Then the calls stopped about ten days ago. Now it looks that the website has been pulled as well.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Johnston

Hi Bob

Were you able to withdraw any of your money?

1 year ago

Yes it is possible to retrieve your stolen bitcoins. I never believed in bitcoin recovery because I was made to understand that it is not possible. But sometime in February I fell for a binary options scam which promised a higher return and I lost close to $75,000. I read an article on here (reddit) as regards to a recovery expert and genius so I reached out to Mr. Adam Wilson, and to my surprise I got all bitcoins recovered within 42hours frame. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the links on here but you can contact him if you are finding it very difficult to withdraw your funds at, adamwilson. trading @ consultant. com <> Whatsapp +1870 – 345 – 7937…. All Thanks To Him

1 year ago


For anyone that comes across this, i hope it helps. I received the phone call from crypto market chain and being someone whos very skeptical. I had purchased my bitcoin and was very set on sending it across to CRYPTOMARKETCHAIN but i found this article. Then I received a phone call and in honesty they wanted £50 which is fuck all and I couldn’t understand why they were pestering me with calls for just a £50 investment. (Red flag)
then I thought i would question the lady on the phone and her answers were not exactly what i was looking for and she asked me to hold. She put on some silver-tongued guy who is obviously good at playing the game but he slipped up. I asked information about the company, the registered UK address (he provided a different address that was displayed on the website RED FLAG) I asked about the number he’s calling from was based in Macclesfield UK…. he told me he was in Sweden (RED FLAG) I asked for some tangible evidence to say that they’re a legitimate company and he wouldn’t provide me with anything. (RED FLAG)
After I pulled him up on the addresses, the phone numbers, the legitimacy of his business he then went on to say I’m rude and to go FUCK myself…I’m not sure this is how a legitimate business would operate.
I laughed and felt relieved that i didnt test the water with a small amount as this would have been lost…..more DOGE for me 😀

Kimura Trap
Kimura Trap
1 year ago

I wish that I had found this article when I was trying to find information on Cryptos World. Lost about 0.25 BTC to these snakes. I became aware it was a scam after their website went down and I then stumbled upon this article. This was after about 4 weeks of talking to one of their guys on the phone for pretty much every day.

I tried to withdraw my money under pretence of needing assurance before I invested even more (as has worked for some others in the comments). They gave me bullshit excuse after excuse for why I couldn’t withdraw until the end of the week. Meanwhile the guy kept calling, trying to convince me to invest now and withdraw at the end of the week.

When I made it clear that I wouldn’t invest more without a withdrawal, I miraculously lost $40,000 of ‘profits’ in the next day of ‘trading’. I took this as a positive sign – that they were reducing the amount of risk that they would expose themselves to by letting me withdraw. The following Monday, I spoke to my ‘account manager’, who told me that he would process the withdrawal now. He then blocked me and my account was closed.

Looking back, there was a sea of red flags that I, like everyone else, overlooked at the time. Blinded by the fake profits and silver tongue of the scam artists (bullshit baffles brains!). I spoke to about 4 different people in the company throughout the scam. They all sounded Eastern European (possibly Polish, Lithuanian) but spoke English with a level of competency that suggests they have spent at least some time living in English-speaking countries.

Interestingly, when I looked up the Blockchain transactions associated with the wallets I had used to make deposits (I made 5 deposits in total), I found one wallet that was linked to all of them within 2 or 3 transactions following my initial deposit. It currently holds around 28,000 BTC, over $1 Billion in value.

(It’s possible that I’ve made an error – perhaps others can corroborate?)

Here is the link:

I’ve reported them to Action Fraud as OP suggested. Will share this on Reddit etc too.

Also, please don’t fall for the scams claiming to be able to recover lost bitcoins – it is, unfortunately, impossible.

1 year ago is without doubt a scam. I just successfully extricated myself from it. If you are unlucky enough to have been sucked in I’ll tell you how I did this towards the end. I am usually very careful and don’t get caught with these kind of scams. However with my recent entrance into crypto and finding myself spending 12 – 18 hours a day watching the markets and teaching myself strategies and techniques for shorting etc I let my guard down and without doing any due diligence transferred £150 worth of BTC to CMC. Over the next 4 days with a successful secret trade each day “Tony” more than doubled my money. He would not describe the type of trade to me only how to create the trade on their system. I’m not sure whether this was a psychological hook or a clever legal mitigation for himself. Anyway, on day 3 I indicated to him that I would soon have a couple of thousand GBP worth of BTC to transfer across to him but I just needed to do a little due diligence first. He came out with lots of well rehearsed reasons why they were a relaxed company that trusted its customers and did not bother with undertaking any KYC like all the other exchange platforms.
(BTW DO NOT use Teamviewer or any other type of screen controlling software to enable anyone to ever be able to “show you the recent market!” If you have…CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD on Teamviewer etc)
He said that we could do a test transfer back to the wallet to prove they were genuine. This was a big coincidence as it was only earlier that day that I looked into the menu option to withdraw funds. They clearly monitor user activity as part of their scamming technique. So I told him that I’ll get in touch later that day once I had bought my BTC and if we could do a test transfer I would then transfer the funds back with extra BTC. I set up a new wallet on my mobile and waited for him to call me…which of course he did! He “helped” me to do the transfer whilst thinking that this was to my crypto exchange wallet. He was happy to transfer nearly the whole balance which included the profits. I told him that once this latest dip occurs I’ll transfer the BTC. He called me a couple of times later. I did not answer and I haven’t heard from him either by telephone or email since. I think he knew it had backfired on him…thanks for the profits Tony! 🙂
So essentially if you are currently being scammed by CMC or any similar outfit, I would suggest that you try my technique of leading them along and undertaking a test transfer for them to prove to you that they are happy to have you transfer funds that are in excess of your investment.

1 year ago

Hi i think i have just been scammed by them through, looking at my options now. Any help would be appreciated.

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